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Charukesi on sun news

Principal of hiet was saying about the incidents that took place in hindusthan college of arts so please visit for more information.

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British telecom to cut 10000 jobs


British telecom which has a large off shore presence in India,announced that it had plans of cutting jobs for 10000 employees by march 2009 but said India’s operations would not see any retrenchment.

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TATA says to tighten belts for the employees

Ratan Tata chairman of tata group of companies said all the ceo’s to tighthen the salary belts of their employees due to the recession period.Global financial crisis has made TATA to say this.If the recession period continues their will be a loss of jobs from the Tata group of companies which increases umemployement percentage.ratan

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Europe IN recession club


LONDON  – World leaders headed to Washington on Friday to try to find ways to tackle a global economic crisis that has plunged much of Europe into its first recession since the euro currency was formed.
The worst financial crisis in 80 years has weakened the world’s major economies and official data showed the 15-nation euro zone economy had shrunk by 0.2 percent for the second quarter in a row.”We think that the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better,” said Nick Kounis, an analyst at Fortis Bank.
“We will probably see further falls in output in the first few months of next year, before a gradualimprovement later in the year, but we think that there will be no real recovery before 2010.”
Analysts said they expected the European Central Bank to cut interest rates further to try to spur economic growth.With Europe, as well as parts of Asia and North America, suffering, leaders of the G20 developed and emerging countries travel to Washington to try to find ways to ensure the crisis, started by a U.S. housing market crash, is not repeated.
But agreement among the G20, which represents 85 percent of the world’s economy and two-thirds of its population, is unlikely over whether more regulation of markets can protect consumers, savers and companies from the fall-out.
Washington says there should be no return to greater state control of financial markets. Much of Europe says without more regulation, a repeat of the last year’s turmoil is inevitable.

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Indian Flag on MOON

The last and final step of chandrayaan is to be completed by 8 pm.The vehicle contains a camera to send images from the moon.Even NASA hasnt acheived this . chandrayaan_flag_248 But it’s going where no TV and no kid has ever been before.It’s called the Moon Impact Probe (MIP) — India’s first attempt at touching down on the lunar surface.Don’t let its size fool you, for there’s a lot tucked away inside the MIP. There’s a device to constantly check its height as it falls, another to check what the composition of air on the moon, and a video camera to photograph the moon from close range.
Those photographs will help the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) decide where to land India’s first moon rover a few years from now. The MIP also has the Indian flag painted on its sides and a Sanskrit shloka on one side.The MIP will detach from the Chandrayaan a 100 km above the moon. As it falls, it will keep sending information back to the satellite. Closer to the surface, rockets will be fired, to slow down its speed and soften impact. After half an hour of free fall, the MIP will crash-land on the south pole of moon.
It was former president APJ Abdul Kalam who thought of sending MIP to the moon. If it weren’t for him, Chandrayaan would only have orbited the moon.

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Obama’s pick for Secretary Of State -Hilary

Hillary is known to be reluctant on setting a date for US troop withdrawal from Iraq but in India she is seen as a friend and her appointment would be widely welcomed. In US for women, progress this election year was defined by “creeping and leaping,” said CNN contributor Hilary Rosen.Rosen favored Hillary Clinton, but she and other influential women pundits and activists note that Clinton and Gov. Sarah Palin’s loss at the polls does not diminish the strides they made for their gender.hilary-clinton
Obama has picked Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois to be White House chief of staff. Health care is another priority, and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota is a possibility for secretary of health and human services.Democratic sources also have said Howard Dean, a doctor who had a strong run as the Democratic National Committee chairman, is hungry for the HHS job.

Defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could be secretary of state in the Obama administration. Her office has confirmed that she is in Chicago on what they described as personal business. But Chicago is where president elect Barack Obama presently is with his transition team. It’s not clear if Hillary had any meetings with him. But Democratic Party insiders say appointing her to a key cabinet position would heal the divisions in the party.

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India victorious

Chak DE Indiadhoni

India have continued their winningh streak by knocking England to 229 .Our boys played realy well especialy our bowlers says MS Dhoni.By winning this series India can move upto 2 spot in icc rankings.So come on India

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Yuvraj sizzles as India reaches 387 and beats England by 158 runs

042001Yuvraj Singh celebrates his century during the third One-Day International cricket match against England in Margao on April 3, 2006.

Yuvraj favourites England………He s back to form with a great 100 in rajkot.His batting styles are the sexiest and it could be seen all through the time……roar India gear up YUVRAJ

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This type of cricket happens only in India!!!

England T20 cup winner Middlesex will be allowed to participate in the event but runners-up Kent was not allowed to participate in this show-piece event as it contains two ICL players i.e. Azhar Mahmood and Justin Kemp. Pakistan T20 champions Sialkot Stallions will replace Kent in this cricket tournament despite having two ICL players i.e. Rana Naved and Imran Nazeer. It happens only in India!

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Champions League Schedule


Inaugural Champions League Twenty20 cricket tournament will take place in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai from December 3rd to December 10th. Middlesex Crusaders of England will take on Victoria Bushrangers of Australia in the opening match of the Champions League Twenty20 Cricket tournament. Eight teams from 4 national T20 leagues (India, Australia, England and South Africa) will compete in this prestigious tournament.

1st match: December 3rd in Mumbai.

1st Semi final: December 8th in Bangalore.

2nd Semi final: December 9th in Chennai.

The Final of the Champions League Twenty20 cricket will be played on December 10th Chennai.

Champions league groups:

Group A: Middlesex (England T20 Champion), Victoria Bushrangers, Pretoria Titans and Chennai Super Kings (IPL).

Group B: Dolphins (South Africa), Western Australia Warriors, Sialkot Stallions and Rajasthan Royals. This is the “Group of Death”.

Indian music legend A.R. Lehman will compose music for the official anthem of Champions League Twenty20 cricket tournament.

ESPN Star Sports acquired broadcasting rights of inaugural Champions League T20 Cricket rights for 10

years by paying $975 million

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