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Britney Spears Album CIRCUS

much awaited album of Britney Circus is out on the internet.Note its not officially released…..

wanna see d album check it out at

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Companies that are involved in giving PINK slips

pepsi-logo-bigPepsi said that it is going to cut jobs for 3150 employees approximately.This is due to the global financial crisis sources said.

HSBC a leading bank is going to cut 500 jobs across asia….

CITI bank is going to give pink slips to the business and management sector and this is mainly to get going eith the fibnancial crisis.

Totally all over the world the IT sector has suffered with 82% in their recruitments.All companis have dropped recruting by 82%.

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Dutch couple pays $204 for samosas


A Dutch couple on a visit to the eastern Indian state of Bihar paid 10,000 rupees ($204) for four samosas, a spicy deep-fried snack that usually doesn’t cost more than a few rupees, a newspaper reported on Monday.

After the tourists ate the snacks, a stall owner at the Sonepur cattle fair last week told them his “special” samosas cost more because they were made of herbs and had aphrodisiac qualities .

After an argument, the couple paid the shopkeeper. But they later complained to a policeman.

Police forced the shopkeeper to return the change — 9,990 rupees

Thats INDIA n Indians wont miss any oppurtunity

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MIG Fighter Kisses the earth again



Siliguri/New Delhi: A MiG-23 trainer aircraft crashed near Alipurduar in north Bengal on Monday, but the two pilots bailed out safely. This is the fifth incident involving the Russian-designed jets this year.

The film Rang DE Basanti has shown us the truth involving the MIG fighter crashes.This is the 5 accident that has taken place and luckily there are no lives buried.This type of accidents are due to the pilots lack of experience or due to the parts that are used here.This type of crashes are increasing wil Government take this issue into consideration??? or the students should take part in this and make it as an basanti climax.Come on India its enough start thinking about  this .Militants are giving their lives to us inturn we should put our hands together and help them in these issues….


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Yahoo CEO to Stepdown



Search of yahoo CEO continues as Yang decides to step down as yahoo cheif……..

Yahoo Inc said Jerry Yang will step down as chief executive as soon as the board finds a replacement, sending its shares up 4 percent on hopes his departure will clear the way for a deal with Microsoft.
Yang — who will return to his former role as Chief Yahoo, focusing on strategy and technology — tried to carve an independent strategy for Yahoo and was blamed when Microsoft Corp walked away from an offer to buy the company earlier this year.Rival Google Inc abandoned a search advertising partnership amid regulatory concerns, and Yang faced a growing chorus of criticism from investors and analysts as Yahoo’s shares nosedived.
Yahoo’s months-long talks with Time Warner Inc about combining with its AOL unit — as yet another way to boost Yahoo’s earnings — have also failed to produce a deal.
“The company is in desperate need of change and this is clearly one way to do it,” said Ross Sandler, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, adding that Microsoft could enter the picture again. “Jerry was the roadblock for the last deal getting done.”
Yang has consistently said that he would sell the company for the right price.Microsoft declined to comment.Yahoo shares rose to $11.10 in after-hours trading from their Nasdaq close of $10.63.The shares are down nearly 65 percent from their 52-week high of $30.25, reached in February, two weeks after Microsoft made its $31-a-share offer public.Microsoft withdrew its $47.5 billion buyout offer in May after Yahoo rejected the sweetened bid.Yang, a co-founder of Yahoo, took on the CEO role in June 2007, hoping to strengthen its position as an online consumer brand.”From founding this company to guiding its growth into a trusted global brand that is indispensable to millions of people, I have always sought to do what is best for our franchise,” Yang said in a statement.
Last month, Yahoo announced it planned to cut at least a tenth of its workforce, or about 1,500 jobs, as corporate brand advertisers scaled back spending on Web marketing promotions amid a global economic downturn.In an e-mail sent to employees, a copy of which was seen by Reuters, Yang said his decision to step down was taken jointly with Yahoo’s board.
“All of you know that I have always, and will always bleed purple,” Yang wrote, referring to Yahoo’s corporate color.Yang has been talking with the board, which includes activist investor Carl Icahn, about stepping down since before Google pulled out of the search deal in early November, said a person familiar with the talks.Icahn did not return a call seeking comment.CHIEF YAHOO AGAIN
Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock is leading the effort to find a replacement, said Yang, who will continue to serve as a director.
“Jerry was miscast in this CEO role as far as running Yahoo at this point,” said Martin Pyykkonen, an analyst at Wunderlich Securities. “He’s much better off running strategy or technology behind the scenes.”
Pyykkonen said it was a step in the right direction for Yahoo, but warned that a lot depended on the board’s choice to replace Yang.”Because he’s stepping down doesn’t mean the company is going to magically be wonderful again,” he said.Yahoo has hired the executive search firm of Heidrick & Struggles to look for both internal and external candidates.The process could take anywhere between four weeks and 12 weeks.

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Bill Clinton could pose Cabinet block for Hillary



Former President and the futuristic secretary of state Hilary………..

Former President Bill Clinton’s international business dealings, global foundation and penchant for going off script could present a significant obstacle to Hillary Clinton becoming secretary of state, observers say.Bill Clinton’s extensive global ties could cause conflict if Hillary Clinton is appointed as secretary of state.
On the one hand, his established relationships with world leaders could instantly make the New York senator a welcome face in embassies around the world. On the other, his complicated global business interests could present future conflicts of interest that result in unneeded headaches for the incoming commander-in-chief.”These are issues that I’m sure are being discussed, and they will have to be worked out, and it’s legitimate to ask these questions,” said James Carville, a former aide to the Clintons . Two officials with President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team confirm to CNN that it is investigating Bill Clinton’s finances and post-presidential dealings. As part of the early vetting process, the team is looking for any negative information that could throw the prospect of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state into jeopardy .
A particular issue could be the donor list of Bill Clinton’s global foundation, which might show connections to international figures who push policies that might conflict with those of the new Obama administration.Obama last week asked Clinton if she would consider being his secretary of state. Clinton’s response is expected this week.Since exiting the Oval Office eight years ago, Clinton has reportedly raised more than $500 million for the foundation, a significant portion of which financed the construction of his presidential library. The foundation has also doled out millions for AIDS relief in Africa and other charitable causes around the world.
Amid repeated criticism from Sen. Clinton’s primary opponents, Bill Clinton would not reveal the extent of the foundation’s donor list earlier this year. But The New York Times has reported the list includes some foreign governments, including members of the Saudi royal family, the king of Morocco, a fund connected to the United Arab Emirates, and the governments of Kuwait and Qatar.
The former president has also reportedly solicited funds from international business figures connected to human rights abuses that his wife has outwardly criticized, including the governments of Kazakhstan and China.During the New York senator’s White House bid, critics repeatedly said that foreign governments and business executives could try to exert influence through donations to the foundation, prompting a pledge from the former president to publicly disclose all future donors.Observers say the same criticism is likely to be raised should Hillary Clinton become secretary of state, especially if countries she is dealing with on the diplomatic stage have at the same time donated heavily to her husband.
The matter could be complicated even further if it remains unclear exactly which foreign governments are supporting Clinton’s foundation and to what extent. On Monday, Politico reported that Obama’s team is seeking more information about the former president’s finances and is growing frustrated over the Clinton camp’s response.
The Obama officials disputed the Politico report, but confirmed the transition team is seeking unspecified records from the former president to get a better handle on issues related to his foundation work and presidential library to try to deal with potential conflicts of interest.Also at issue is the former president’s role in general should his wife become secretary of state. Since leaving office, Bill Clinton has become a globetrotter of sorts, amassing millions in speaking fees as he gives talks before corporations around the world.The Obama administration would probably seek to curtail that practice amid worries that the former president’s words could contradict those of his wife at times and make unclear to some just who is speaking for the United States government. But it’s unlikely that Clinton, who has always enjoyed the spotlight, would be willing to retreat from the public eye.”She really has to sit down with her husband and work through where does this leave him,” said David Gergen,  who worked in Clinton’s White House. “After all, he’s very deeply involved in the Clinton Global Initiative, doing good around the world. Could he continue to do that? Would he have to shut it down? Could he take money from people? There are lots of secondary questions.”Even more problematic could be the former president’s history of going decidedly off message during speeches and his willingness to blatantly speak his mind seemingly without regard for the political fallout.During her presidential bid last year, Sen. Clinton at times publicly criticized her husband for things he said on the campaign trail, and in one particularly embarrassing moment for the campaign, she told him to “knock it off.”But ultimately, the duty of keeping the former president in check may fall to the New York senator should she assume the top diplomatic post.

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Sushmita Sen escapes


The Bombay High Court on Monday revoked the show cause notice issued to Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen in the Land Cruiser import case, as the prosecution said that there was no evidence of her involvement in any kind of scam.
The Mumbai police and the Custom authorities are currently probing an inter-State car import racket that brings foreign cars to India evading duty. Government pleader Dhairyasheel Nalavade told the High Court that “till date there is nothing against the petitioner .”
Ms. Sen bought the car in 2005. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) sought a penalty of Rs. 23 lakh from her for evading octroi.
The High Court, last year, held that MCGM cannot impose penalty and only a court of law could do that.
But the court also issued a show-cause notice to her, seeing that there was prima facie some misrepresentation of facts on her part and an attempt had been made to evade customs duty. Following this, police started investigating the case. They found that there was an interstate racket that brought cars to India using ‘transfer of residence’ exemption. If a person brings his own car to India, he has to pay much less duty.The racketeers prepared fake documents to import cars, which were then sold to buyers here.
Haren Choksi, the agent through whom Ms. Sen acquired the car, is allegedly involved in this racket

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