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Maruthi A-star

Maruthi A star

The company offers the car at a price of 3.47 lakhs and other variants to go upto 4.17 lakhs.”November and December are usually tough months for carmakers. Knowing that very well, we will be launching the A-Star so that it can bring excitement to the market,” according to MSI Executive Officer Marketing and Sales Mayank Pareek.The company that is manufacturing A Star at its Manesar plant, is aiming to sell about 50,000 units in the Indian market and one lakh units abroad.

MSI claims that according to the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the A-Star delivers a mileage of 19.59 km per litre.The car industry, which witnessed a decline of 6.59 per cent in October, struggles to sell car in the year-end as most customers postpone purchases for a new model year. MSI is hoping that the novelty factor associated with its 5th global model will help in overcoming the challenge.

The A-Star will be the latest in a series of global models that Suzuki, MSI’s Japanese parent, has launched over the past fewyears and will be manufactured solely in India.

A star will be made in 200 variants and exported to 150 countries across Europe, Middle east , Latin America, Asia, Australia, and Africa.It will be exported under the name of Suzuki Alto and Suzuki Celerio. Nissan also plans to market the same car under the name Nissan Pixo in middle East and African markets.

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Silambattam trailer

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A.R to compose music for Champions league and Common wealth

AR.rahman A.R. Rahman will wield the music baton for composing the theme anthem of Champions League Twenty 20. It is to be noted that there will be no lyrics in the anthem and the ace music director will capture the emotions of cricket solely through his music.
At a time when expectations are rife  over his composition, yet another news pours in that Rahman has been signed up to compose the anthem of the Commonwealth Games that is to be held in New Delhi in the year 2010. Well, this is good news indeed for the musician’s fans! Meanwhile, sources close to the director say that Rahman will take a short sabbatical where films and English dramas are concerned.

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Super star Rajini hurt


Super star got hurt by the resignation of Sathya narayana.The issue on whether the Superstar will take a plunge into politics is still unsettled and here comes another matter for discussion. It has been widely reported in the media that the President of his fan club, Shri Sathyanarayana, has resigned from his post owing to reasons unknown. Sathyanarayana has been associated with Rajinikanth for a long time and
alleged resignation has caused ripples in the industry.
When asked about this to  Sathyanarayana, he rubbished the news as baseless rumor which has been triggered by a few malicious elements. He added, “I am totally shocked by this news. I have not been keeping well for some time and have taken a week’s off. In lieu of my leave, Mr. Sudhakar was handling the calls in my absence. This has been manipulated as my resignation”. Lamenting on such a vile tale Sathyanarayana said that Superstar himself had expressed his anguish over this. He also stated that media has been very unfair and has not checked with him for clarification before going to the press.

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Marma Yogi not abandoned

kamal-Marma Yogi

Marma Yogi plans are on hold temporarily and Saimira will resume the project once the turbulent world economy has settled. “We have no intentions to abandon the project,” he assured.Putting the ever-churning rumor mills to rest, production company Pyramid Saimira convened a press meet at the Devi Sridevi preview theater in Chennai today to throw light on Marma Yogi. Swaminathan, who heads the operations of the Pyramid Saimira, spoke to the press.He clarified Pyramid Saimira’s stand on the issue and refuted rumors that the company is going through a finance crunch that is gripping the global economy. “Saimira’s finances are healthy and the company is well insulated against the crisis. We have steady finance flow to be able to fund a 150 crore project,” he noted.

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Harris about the rift between Gautham

Gautham Vasudev Menon

The combination which dominated kollywood for the past 5 years has been broken. While many were trying to speculate the reason behind this, Harris has made an elaborate statement to the press on what drove him to this extreme measure.

The rift was actually due to,

two started during the composition of the song Adiye kolludhe. And it started to widen when Gautham did not consult him on certain important issues regarding Vaaranam Aayiram. He rued that Gautham was not present during the music compositions and conveyed all that he wanted through a messenger. Harris also ruled out any patch up in future. It may be recalled that Hariis Jayaraj and Gautham worked together to produce a number of chartbusters in the past.

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Villu shaping well says Vijay


Vijay’s Villu directed by Prabhu Deva should be ready for release even before Pongal. As per the latest buzz, the film is loosely based on Soldier, a Hindi flick released in 1998 starring Preity Zinta and Bobby Deol. Vijay is said to don a double role – dad and son and the latter is out to prove and establish that his dad was loyal to the country and was never treacherous as purported by the enemy camp. He is basically working towards clearing a tarnished image of his dad.

Actress Ranjitha, director Bharathiraja’s find who had retired from filmdom after her marriage will be donning the role of Vijay’s mom i.e. the wife of dad Vijay. She is said to be appearing in flashback sequences and her role is said to be very significant. Though the actress was not too keen to appear in silver screen again, it was said that she heeded to director Prabhu Deva’s request after listening to the scri

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Jayalalitha slamps karunanidhi


All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) chief Jayalalitha today issued a legal notice to Chief Minister Karunanidhi, after the later held the AIADMK and the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) responsible for brutal violence at the Chennai College.

On Monday, Jayalalitha had threatened to file a defamation suit against Chief Minister Karunanidhi after the ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) accused her party of instigating the violence. Jayalalithaa has accused Karunanidhi of indulging in mud-slinging and said he was unfit to work in the post of a Chief Minister.

“A judicial inquiry has been ordered into the November 12 incident. So will Karunanidhi’s comments not influence the Inquiry Commission to give a report, which reflected his opinion?” she said in a statement on Monday.

Jayalalitha has clearly said that if Karunanidhi does not apologise through the media within twenty-four hours of this notice, she will sue him for damages.

Earlier on Sunday, Karunanidhi had accused the AIADMK of instigating the campus brutality at Chennai’s Ambedkar law college.

“It appears as if the opposition has incited the students to indulge in violence so as to seek my resignation. Had the police entered the campus, the headlines in the papers would have been different against police,” Chief Minister Karunanidhi said.

However, Karunanidhi had later clarified that he had made that comment in jest.

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Punter says Gavaskar was no angel

Punter Vs SunnyRicky Ponting has lashed out at legendary Indian Sunil Gavaskar and other former players for
often blaming the Australian team for on-field confrontations, saying the Indian opener was not an angel during his playing days.”I know that over the past 10 years, probably longer, a notion has developed that the Australian team walks out onto the field intent on getting in faces and having a few words… Unfortunately, as soon as a spectator or a commentator spots one of my team chipping on opponent, they assume it is a pre-meditated attack,” Ponting said.
“The most laughable aspect is when I hear former players complaining, as though they never put a toe out of line in their day.”I still have a vivid image of Sunil Gavaskar angrily trying to take his opening partner off the MCG with him in 1981 when he was given out lbw in a Test match, but to hear him today, you’d think he was positively angelic when he was the best opening batsman in the world,” he wrote in his
‘Captain’s Diary 2008’.Ponting said he was disappointed by the hypocrisy of former cricketers who never kept the standards in their hey-days but were demanding the same from his team.  “In the four or five days after the Sydney Test… inevitably, some ex-players — mostly the usual suspects — were into us, and I found their hypocrisy extremely disappointing. They were demanding standards from us that they had never kept themselves when they were Test stars.
“The classic came when Tony Grieg suggested that the batsmen of today should be walking to make it easier for the umpires. This was coming from a bloke who in his day made a virtue out of not walking.
“I always presumed that ex-players are employed by media outlets because their experience gives them a rare insight into the pressure elite cricketers are under and the way we think, but it seems to me that many of them forget about their past lives the minute they are handed a press pass.
Ponting also took a dig at just retired Indian captain Anil Kumble, saying his comment ‘only one team was playing within the spirit of the game’ after the Sydney Test was borrowed from a former Australian skipper Bill Woodfull. “I’m not sure how extensive Anil’s knowledge of cricket history is, but — as was picked up immediately by reporters — his comments echoed those made by Australian captain Bill Woodfull during the acrimonious bodyline series of 1932-33.  “‘There are two teams out there, one is trying to play cricket and the other is not’, Woodfull had said to English managers during the third Test of that series,” he said.

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Mandira Bedi’s new look in MEERABAI


The XXXtra Innings girl was here and she connected with her fans on an exclusive online chat. She spoke about cricket, Kumble, her killer figure and of course her forthcoming film Meerabai Not Out.

When appreciated about the movie she said please watch the movie if u like the promo.

Asked about why she is not into cricket nowa days she said’the offers i’ve got on cricket have not been the right platform. when i do come back on cricket it will be with a BANG! Currently cricket and mandira meet in Meerabai Not Out’.

She represent what most of india is… a cricket fan! she is a school teacher who loves her job, loves her family but most of all loves cricket! it is a story of passion vs priority.

She said banners lik Yash Raj dont know what to do with me soon after Meerabai they will..

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Every 26 seconds a woman gets raped in South Africa

The newly elected Charlize Theron an activist and a Academy winner from South Africa said this kind of situation prevailing was

quite horrific.Appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Theron took over her new job as United Nations Messenger of Peace to lead the campaign to end violence against women.

“The statistics on rape cases were quite horrific,” Theron told a news conference at UN headquarters in New York on her first day at work, joining nine other existing Messengers of Peace to help advance various UN campaigns.

“One in every three women is raped in her lifetime and the number was devastating,” Theron said. “It is getting worse.”

But what is their genre?

‘We don’t want to confine our music to a particular genre. We don’t know what our music is. And we don’t want to say what it is. Instead of calling our music something else we prefer to name it Indian Ocean Music,’ said band member Sushmit Sen.

Theron founded the Cape Town Rape Crisis Centre in 1999 to deal with the widespread cases of rape and the high number of people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. But she said she now needs the support of the UN to fight rape more effectively.

“It’s very exciting to work for the UN because it gives you access to the source of information and the responsibility,” she said.

Theron founded The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) to help improve the lives of poor children and their families in her native South Africa, particularly those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

“I am convinced you’ll be a persuasive and powerful Messenger of Peace,” Ban said, after he appointed Theron last week. “You have consistently dedicated yourself to improving the lives of women and children in South Africa, and to preventing and stopping violence against women and girls. I look forward to working with you to end this terrible scourge.”

Other Messengers of Peace include George Clooney for UN peacekeeping, Daniel Barenboim for peace and tolerance, Michael Douglas for disarmament and Yo-Yo Ma for youth.

Theron, who won an Academy Award for her portrayal of a serial killer in the film “Monster”, has used her star power to advocate for women since she emerged on the international scene more than a decade ago.

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Indian ocean to compose music for Aamir Khan next film


Popular band Indian Ocean, which changed the course of contemporary fusion music in India with its album ‘Kandisa’, has been experimenting with Bollywood music and its latest project is in a film being produced by Aamir Khan.

‘We are composing three songs for a film which is being directed by a newcomer called Anusha and will be produced by Aamir Khan,’ Amit Kilam, the group’s drummer, told IANS.

After receiving rave reviews for its unique style of music, Indian Ocean entered Bollywood with Anurag Kashyap’s controversial film ‘Black Friday’.

Even though the music was completely out of the league and unusual, it was highly appreciated, especially the song ‘Bande’.

The group is also composing music for ‘Mumbai Cutting’ and ‘Bhoomi’.

”Mumbai Cutting’ is a compilation of 12 short films on Mumbai and we have done one song for Anurag Kashyap’s short film,’ Kilam said.

‘We are also composing music for a new film ‘Bhoomi’ currently under production. We are supposed to compose six songs for the film,’ he added.

Rahul Ram anchors Indian Ocean along with Sushmit Sen on the guitars. While Asheem Chakraborty plays the tabla, the versatile Kilam accompanies on the drums and many other forms of percussion as well as vocals.

Kilam said it was a good time to create music in Bollywood as it was going through a transitional phase and becoming more open to unconventional tunes.

‘Bollywood is opening doors and using different sorts of music a lot more than before,’ he said.

‘Since the reach of the industry is tremendous, when Hindi films use composers like us or other young bands and young singers, then the kind of music we create has a bigger chance to reach out to more people,’ Kilam added.

The band was in the capital to perform at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT).

Indian Ocean’s genesis dates back to 1990 when it came out with its first album. In 18 years, it has brought out four albums – ‘Indian Ocean’, ‘Desert Rain’, ‘Kandisa’ and ‘Jhini’.

The band has also performed in London, at the New Zealand Arts Festival, Melbourne Arts Festival, Smithsonian Folk Life Festival (Washington), Tokyo, Indonesia, Germany, Singapore, Italy and Dubai.

‘We don’t feel a lot of difference when we perform in India and when we perform abroad. It’s only that the audience size is a little smaller in the west because everything is organised to accommodate a set number of people. In India the number is much more,’ Kilam said.

Indian Ocean is known for their amalgamation of rural, urban, world and classical music.

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Tokyo tops star count again in Michelin food guide


The recession period doesnt account for Tokyo.This place is the palace of will be getting all kinds of food here.

Tokyo is once again the world’s starriest city, according to the Michelin restaurant guide, which predicts that even an economic recession won’t dim the allure of good, if pricey, food.

A year after unveiling its first-ever Asian edition in the Japanese capital, Michelin awarded more stars to Tokyo than any other city, with nine restaurants given the coveted three-star rating, one more than last year.

In the new 2009 edition, 36 establishments received two stars, while 128 restaurants were awarded one. The 2008 edition also awarded Tokyo more stars than any other city.

“Tokyo’s food scene is dynamic, diverse, rich and full of excitement,” Jean-Luc Naret, director of the Michelin guides.

“It places importance on tradition and uses world-class cooking techniques to bring the best out of fine ingredients.”

Ishikawa, a 16-seat Japanese restaurant in the geisha district of Kagurazaka, joined the group of three-star establishments this year, a list that included six serving Japanese cuisine and three serving French.

Chef Hideki Ishikawa appeared humbled by the recognition.

“I am happy, but I’m not sure what to say. It hasn’t sunk in yet,” he told reporters at a reception for the city’s three-star chefs.

“I just said ‘Yes, thank you’,” he said of his reaction after receiving the call from Michelin.

Being awarded a star in a city with 160,000 restaurants can mean massive business and publicity for the chef, although several on the list last year are reported to have shut down.

Naret said more restaurants could become vulnerable to Japan’s economic recession, with banks in New York cited as cancelling private functions. Small restaurants may need to review prices.

But diners would still be expected to pick up the guide, which dates back to 1900 and was first aimed at chauffeurs in the early days of motoring.

“Because of the recession, people are going to be more careful about choosing where to eat,” he said.

Naret said he was aware of last year’s criticism from Japanese customers, who complained that the review process was opaque and leaned toward European tastes.

While two of last year’s five undercover inspectors were Japanese, this year’s inspection team consisted of five Japanese and one French national.

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Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman on Red Carpets for the movie Australia

Red carpets were rolled out in Sydney and the dusty outback on Tuesday for the world premiere of the epic movie “Australia” which aims to showcase the rugged continent, its history and indigenous people to the world.

Director Baz Luhrmann’s ambitious and grandly named film, the most expensive made in Australia, was released amid a blaze of publicity and a race to finish the movie on time.

Australian co-stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman have both carved out lucrative Hollywood careers but wanted to work with Luhrmann, a perfectionist who was so busy editing the film until the last moment that the cast did not see it before the premiere.

“I knew we would get there but it has been a long time,” Jackman told Reuters as he walked the red carpet in Sydney, while screenings were held in three other Australian locations.

The two-hour 40-minute long movie, which is reported to have cost News Corp’s 20th Century Fox about US$130 million, is a World War Two drama set in stunning Australian landscape.

An English aristocrat (Kidman) travels to Australia and joins forces with a “drover” or cowboy (Jackman) and an Aboriginal child to drive a herd of cattle across Australia, falling in love along the way.

Australia is pinning high hopes on the romantic adventure, which Luhrmann said he had filmed in the style of “Gone With The Wind” hoping to make his mark on Australian film history, but it remained to be seen if it would draw audiences globally.

“There will be some (bad reviews), and there will be some people who really embrace it,” said Luhrmann, admitting spending such a large amount on an old-fashioned style movie was a risk.


Early reviews from Australian critics were mixed, with David Stratton in The Australian writing it was not the hoped-for masterpiece while Jim Schembri in The Sydney Morning Herald said it was good but not destined to be a classic — and way too long.

Australian filmmakers hope the movie will revive interest in an industry that did well with quirky films like “Crocodile Dundee,” “Muriel’s Wedding” and “Babe” but has slipped in popularity after a few years of bleak, box-office failures.

The tourism industry has linked a A$50 million (US$32 million) international tourism campaign to the movie to try to make Australia a coveted destination in tough financial times.

Kidman, 41, who worked with Luhrmann on his last and third movie “Moulin Rouge” in 2001, said making “Australia” was a “once in a lifetime thing” for her.

“Rarely do you get a make a film that you have dreamed of doing since you were little, which will be part of Australian cinema,” said Kidman. “This is a celebration for me and hopefully for this country.”

The movie also focuses on “the stolen generation,” when tens of thousands of Aboriginal children were taken away from their families between the 1880s and 1960s to be raised by whites.

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Hollywoods over exposed celebrities


65% of the people say Over Exposed when they speak about Paris Hilton.

According to Los Angeles-based E-Poll Market Research, which provides “appeal” rankings for nearly 4,500 celebrities. To put that in perspective, most celebrities average between 3% and 7% on the E-Poll celebrity index during the peak of their careers.But Hilton isn’t the only star to have worn out her public welcome. Audiences have tired of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Pamela Anderson, among others. And while overexposure may have less to do with the precise number of headlines than it does the public’s perception, the 10 celebrities on our list have proved that familiarity can, and does, breed contempt.

All press is good press, the old adage goes. This does not apply to Paris Hilton.The celebutante’s every move, from her club-hopping to her jail stint to her search for a new best friend has proved fodder for the flashbulbs and celebrity press. But what has the incessant coverage garnered her? Eye rolls–and worse, audience disinterest

Whoz to be blamed??
“Is it the paparazzi’s fault? They contribute,” says Lori Levine, chief executive of talent brokering firm Flying Television. “Is it the insatiable appetite of the American public? That contributes. Is it the invention and obsession with YouTube? Yes, that contributes too.”

And don’t forget the growing list of spotlight-seeking stars that chase the flashbulbs as much–if not more–than the flashbulbs chase them. Consider Lohan, third on our list, who seems to make a habit of migrating to paparazzi stalking grounds like Les Deux, Villa and trendy eatery Katsuya.

Star Editor-in-Chief Candace Trunzo says that if celebrities don’t want to line the pages of her magazine, they don’t have to. “By and large, if you really want to be a private person and live a private life, you can do it,” she says, citing Johnny Depp as an example.

But many crave the limelight for good reason. Unlike Depp, they don’t have a steady stream of projects keeping them in the public eye. Rather, they rely on media attention to keep them relevant–and famous.

Take The Hills’ best friend-turned-best enemy Heidi Montag, who lands at No. 10 on our list. With both her music and fashion forays proving flops, she has managed to parlay her on-again-off-again relationships and outings with MTV co-star Lauren Conrad and bad boy beau Spencer Pratt into tabloid-worthy fodder. (Had we expanded our list, Pratt would have ranked No. 12).

“Heidi and Spencer have turned overexposure into an art form,” says In Touch Editor-in-Chief Richard Spencer, who marvels at the flashbulb-focused lovers’ vast numbers of petty feuds and photo ops.

Levine agrees. “Heidi and Spencer are the ones that really understand, more than anyone else, what it takes,” she says. “They’re unabashedly unashamed about being completely overexposed.” And their reward for it: Still more exposure.

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