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Poll shows Australians want Shane Warne as new PM


A recent television poll has shown that Australians want former cricketer Shane Warne in the role of a Prime Minister.The poll took place on Nine Network when the maverick Warne shared the commentary box with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) during the Test match against South Africa in Melbourne on Saturday.The silver-haired Rudd took on a Richie Benaud-like appearance as he held the microphone. But the entertainment started when the host broadcaster Nine Network asked the viewers to vote: “Should Warne run for prime minister?”The last update of the poll had 70 per cent of respondents in support of Warne running for the top job.”I’m worried, I’m worried mate. You’re running half and half there,” Rudd said.

Warne responded saying, “I’ve got absolutely no idea how to do it.”

Rudd: “Mate, it’s all in the wrist action”.

Warne said that if it is all in the wrist, then he has a half chance.

“I haven’t been this low for a long time,” Rudd said, faced with Warne’s approval rating.

Rudd engaged in general cricket chatter alongside Warne and former Australian cricket team captain Mark Taylor.

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