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Every 26 seconds a woman gets raped in South Africa

The newly elected Charlize Theron an activist and a Academy winner from South Africa said this kind of situation prevailing was

quite horrific.Appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Theron took over her new job as United Nations Messenger of Peace to lead the campaign to end violence against women.

“The statistics on rape cases were quite horrific,” Theron told a news conference at UN headquarters in New York on her first day at work, joining nine other existing Messengers of Peace to help advance various UN campaigns.

“One in every three women is raped in her lifetime and the number was devastating,” Theron said. “It is getting worse.”

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Theron founded the Cape Town Rape Crisis Centre in 1999 to deal with the widespread cases of rape and the high number of people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. But she said she now needs the support of the UN to fight rape more effectively.

“It’s very exciting to work for the UN because it gives you access to the source of information and the responsibility,” she said.

Theron founded The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) to help improve the lives of poor children and their families in her native South Africa, particularly those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

“I am convinced you’ll be a persuasive and powerful Messenger of Peace,” Ban said, after he appointed Theron last week. “You have consistently dedicated yourself to improving the lives of women and children in South Africa, and to preventing and stopping violence against women and girls. I look forward to working with you to end this terrible scourge.”

Other Messengers of Peace include George Clooney for UN peacekeeping, Daniel Barenboim for peace and tolerance, Michael Douglas for disarmament and Yo-Yo Ma for youth.

Theron, who won an Academy Award for her portrayal of a serial killer in the film “Monster”, has used her star power to advocate for women since she emerged on the international scene more than a decade ago.

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Charlize Theron UN messenger for peace




Oscar winning Charlize Theron was nominetd as a messenger for peace by the UN secretaries on sunday.She was appointed ona special focus on ending violence against voilence against women.She was nominated as an messenger for peace.

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Who wil b Bond’s gal in his next movie


Ex James Bond said Mr.Daniel Craig is a great Bond of his time…also the actor revealed that Chalize Theron would be his preffered choice as a co-star in the sequel ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’….according to reports,Jolie was in talks to play the role.

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