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Christiano Ronaldo moving to Real Madrid


Professional football club Real Madrid has made a claim that they have struck a secret agreement to buy Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Bernabeu director Pedro Trapote, the deal has already been agreed upon, but has not been publicized due to a clause in the arrangement, which prevent the news being made official. Trapote had told a confidante of the deal after Real’s 2-0 defeat against Barcelona last weekend, reports Spanish daily El Mundo, which also added that Ronaldo agreed to stay at United this season only if they let him go next summer. “If you are asking me what we are going to do now then I would tell you that we have already signed the best player for the summer,” the Sun quoted Trapote as saying to a friend. “Are you talking about Cristiano?” the friend had asked. “The best of the best. It is Cristiano, there is no other,” responded Trapote. “It is best to not say anything because there are some clauses that prevent us from announcing it now. For us it would be a good time, but we should not do that. But it is not bad, eh?” he added.

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