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Marma Yogi not abandoned

kamal-Marma Yogi

Marma Yogi plans are on hold temporarily and Saimira will resume the project once the turbulent world economy has settled. “We have no intentions to abandon the project,” he assured.Putting the ever-churning rumor mills to rest, production company Pyramid Saimira convened a press meet at the Devi Sridevi preview theater in Chennai today to throw light on Marma Yogi. Swaminathan, who heads the operations of the Pyramid Saimira, spoke to the press.He clarified Pyramid Saimira’s stand on the issue and refuted rumors that the company is going through a finance crunch that is gripping the global economy. “Saimira’s finances are healthy and the company is well insulated against the crisis. We have steady finance flow to be able to fund a 150 crore project,” he noted.

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Shruthi hasaan photoshoot

Shruthi hassan , kaur the singer ,Monica, sona every one are turned to a world photoshoot so jus enjoy by clicking the link….


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