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Indian Flag on MOON

The last and final step of chandrayaan is to be completed by 8 pm.The vehicle contains a camera to send images from the moon.Even NASA hasnt acheived this . chandrayaan_flag_248 But it’s going where no TV and no kid has ever been before.It’s called the Moon Impact Probe (MIP) — India’s first attempt at touching down on the lunar surface.Don’t let its size fool you, for there’s a lot tucked away inside the MIP. There’s a device to constantly check its height as it falls, another to check what the composition of air on the moon, and a video camera to photograph the moon from close range.
Those photographs will help the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) decide where to land India’s first moon rover a few years from now. The MIP also has the Indian flag painted on its sides and a Sanskrit shloka on one side.The MIP will detach from the Chandrayaan a 100 km above the moon. As it falls, it will keep sending information back to the satellite. Closer to the surface, rockets will be fired, to slow down its speed and soften impact. After half an hour of free fall, the MIP will crash-land on the south pole of moon.
It was former president APJ Abdul Kalam who thought of sending MIP to the moon. If it weren’t for him, Chandrayaan would only have orbited the moon.

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